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4 Mar 2016

Google uses a Page Ranking system to evaluate the value of a particular website on its search engine. Therefore, if your website has a large number of high-quality back links, it has a good chance of getting a high Page Rank Value. As an entrepreneur, you have to increase the Google Page Rank of your business website to generate more online traffic. Given below is a list of five different ways in which you can enhance the Google Page Rankings of your business website with the aid of a reputed Adelaide SEO Company-



  • Add Your Site to Google


If you want your website to get a good page ranking on Google search engine, you have to present your site to for indexing. Click here for more information. 


  • Add Your Site to Directories


In order to increase your website’s value and Page Ranking, you need to look for popular link directories that provide high-quality back links. Moreover, these links should be relevant to your website’s content. As the owner of an online business, you should consider submitting your site to at least ten different link directories. Usually, it takes months to list a particular website on a search engine. The reason for this is that search engines like Google evaluate all link directory listings. However, if you want to accelerate the process to get immediate results, you should consider paying a small fee.


  • Article Marketing


Article marketing is an ideal way to get high-quality back links to your business website. You only need to write a number of keyword-rich articles, which are relevant to your website on a daily basis. You then need to submit these articles to multiple article directories along with your website link. This will enable you to generate enough online traffic to your business website. Adelaide SEO Company will help you in this endeavor.


Ideally, you should make a writer’s account with at least five of the top article directories and present one article to them daily. Once you start this process, you will notice a rapid growth in your back links. Remember, to create articles that are at least 500 words long. If you create articles with too many words, most people will lose interest while reading these articles. The trick is to make these articles easy to read with short paragraphs. Moreover, do not forget to add bullet points for tips and advice to the reader. These little extras go a long way in making your article stand out among the crowd. Get more details on Adelaide SEO company and get exclusive customised SEO and SMO services within budget. 


  • Try Blogging


Blogging is another ideal way to develop high-quality back links to your website. By simply writing relevant, keyword rich blogs that are applicable to your website goes a long way in generating web traffic to your site. However, you need to post fresh blogs daily and keep the content updated.


  • Forum Marketing


Forum marketing is a convenient platform for entrepreneurs to contact potential online customers. Here, both the sellers and buyers can discuss relevant topics on the seller’s goods and services. Moreover, the buyers get the opportunity to post their opinions the quality of such goods and services that the sellers provide. As an entrepreneur, you should join at least five forums that cater to the market segment relevant to your business website.




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